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“The All-Rounder Dixit”, “SiddheshRaje Dixit” — None other than Siddesh Vijay Dixit — An engineer, poet, writer, orator, socialist and tabla player.

Siddhesh is an optimistic person who nurtures every glim of life. He grew up in Bhandara, Maharashtra – known as the City of Lake. Professionally being a software engineer, he is currently working in the Indian multinational company. People are fortunate enough to get a warm and supportive family, and so the Siddhesh. He is a younger one in the family who always got appreciation & encouragement from his family (elder brother Nivesh, his Father & mother) irrespective of all his irrelevant scope interests. From childhood Siddhesh is an enthused kid who wants to engross every other aspect of life.

Early Life

Siddhesh was born on 11 August 1995, in Bhandara, Maharashtra, India. Siddhesh has completed his schooling in Mahila Samaj Mahavidyalaya, Bhandara, Maharashtra, and simultaneously perceives his instinct for music. As a child, Siddhesh was always proactive and curious about everything around him. In his childhood, he found his interest in music, and learned Tabla from pathye sir in Bhandara at an early age and shared the stage with many  legendaries at the time.

Siddhesh is courageous and confident about all his moves which make him a firm decision-maker. While completing graduation in Information & Technology (St. Vincent Pallotti College of Engineering & Technology, Nagpur), his observant attitude doesn’t allow him to ignore the student’s issues, and, therefore, then he started the job alerts groups for freshers on WhatsApp to provide job opportunities on a daily basis as a part of his contribution.

Social Life

Siddhesh has inspired so many people by guiding them personally. His very urge of helping people and doing something good for the society inspired him to take the initiative of changing people’s lives. He has a long and sustainable vision for the youth of India that states

Indian students are more sustainable and productive, they have the highest potential across the world but they lack in proper guidance and motivation, therefore, we as a society are bound to bridge this gap and pull the real-talent on the global map.


Siddhesh is a keen observer and hardcore critics who have made his mark on social media with his analytical statement. He is a Google Digital Marketing Certified and owns a company Named “SANG Media.”

SANG Media, Nagpur is a digital platform that was developed, designed, and owned by Siddhesh & the team. Through SANG media he helped many people to come over digital platforms and start new businesses through digital channels. He has a good grasp on Indian & global politics, Infrastructure, global economy, software industry, and culture activities which he shows time to time through his firm and full-proof statements on various social media networks. His two case studies received great applause, one of them was on the controversial Mumbai Metro 3 project for Aarey car shed land issue, and the other one was on India’s first bullet train.

Where all these aspects of his life showcases his strong & rigid personality, on the other hand, his poems introduces us with the soft-hearted, sensible, and emotional poet who loves the midnight moon, who can be madly romantic at the same time can be harshly opinionist about social issues.

In the year 2019, he has written a Marathi book named “Varadhast” for those who struggling to get their dream jobs. He inspired them by writing the path to adopt changes from surrounding and to make oneself more stronger and productive by taking much effort to achieve anything in life. In his book, he says,

The will-power is much important to achieve everything in life, without the will-power no one can achieve anything, If you know how to control your mind then you will never distract your focus from your goal. No one restricts you to achieve your milestone.